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The journey to being a health professional is truly a noble one. If you are interested in this journey then you’ve come to the right place. After years of working with students like you, I’m always awed by the amount of passion and dedication that is spewing. You work hard. You study harder. You spend tons of your precious time volunteering and doing extracurricular work in your community and even abroad. You try to find research opportunities and win awards. You truly want to make a difference in the world and see becoming a physician or allied health professional as your calling!

And yet, in the thick of all this amazingness, you get bogged down by your day to day labs, assignments, exams, deadlines, financial stresses, relationship issues, organizational politics, you name it!

Is All Your Work Going To Pay Off?

You wonder if all your work is going to pay off? Will you get the grades you need to get an interview? Are your volunteer activities up to par? What if you can’t go to rural Lithuania and save dying children from rare and obscure diseases and famine? What if the research lab you worked so hard to get into won’t give you any publications… or worse, not even a reference letter? When do I write my MCAT exam? What if my MCAT score isn’t enough to meet the cutoffs? Should I write it again? What if I can’t get into medical school? Is med school even worth it? Should I just apply to the Caribbean? Should I apply for a masters? And the list of worries goes on and on and on….

Does this sound like you? If so, trust me when I tell you that you’re not alone. Every year thousands of students across North America struggle with this too! I experienced these doubts in my mind EVERY SINGLE DAY in undergrad and I can tell you from personal experience they are some of the most common questions I get every day from my work in medical school mentorship.

Does This Sound Like You?

Let me show you how you can thrive on this journey!!!

Early on in undergrad, I realized that this journey was not healthy

and the strategies I was using wasn’t working. I constantly battled

with thoughts of worry, hopelessness, and fatigue. I was going to

the dark side. Until one day I decided to something dramatic.

I changed everything and flipped the entire process on its head.

I asked myself,  “If I want  to spend the rest of my life helping people

and making a difference, I am I suffering for it for wanting to do something so noble. It should come to me…”So that’s what I did, I completely changed what I did, and why I did it and focused on investing in myself and making myself into someone that could become a phenomenal physician and human being so that OTHERS including Medical Schools should be fighting over, rather than ME fighting to try and impress THEM.


Trust Me, I Know How You Feel?

This strategy worked so well for me and for so many others that

I’ve taught this method that I have now founded this web-site as

an online academy where I can share these life-changing strategies.

My Products and Services Will Help You With:

  • Combining the best proven strategies to make the best use of your time

  • Strong focus on transformative character and skill building

  • Insider tips, tricks and strategies that won’t be found anywhere else

What this site is NOT:

  • Guaranteed medical school acceptance – unlike other pre-medical companies, Student2Pro is not focused on the outcome of getting into medical school. Rather Student2Pro prides itself on helping to foster quality pre-medical students who strive for excellence and civic duty and will thus be naturally strong medical candidates, but more importantly, fulfilled, happy and quality future physicians.

  • Get success quick scheme –The journey to medicine requires hard work and endurance. It is not an easy journey. The goal of Studen2Pro is simply to redirect your efforts and hard work to those things that will make you into the best student and human being so that your efforts will start paying off even BEFORE you get accepted to medical school but will also exponentially increase the rewards once you are a physician.

  • For the closed minded – Many of the materials on this web-site are counterintuitive and might go against common myths. In fact, the underlying premise of FurmliMD is to challenge the status quo and go against conventional underpinnings by challenging you to always think about the bigger picture.

How can student2pro change your life?

Combines the best proven strategies to make the best use of your time. 

Strong focus on transformative character and skill building. 

Insider tips, tricks and strategies that won't be found anywhere else. 

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