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about dr. furmli

Suleiman Furmli is an accomplished and award winning physician who is passionate about mentorship and coaching others wanting to pursue a rewarding career in healthcare. After realizing the amazing amounts of misinformation and difficulties of navigating this long and arduous process, Suleiman has since helped hundreds of students realize their academic and career dreams.

Suleiman has worked professionally as a senior consultant for MD Consultants – one of the top leaders of professional pre medical coaching in North America, for over 6 years. Suleiman is also one of the co-founders of Guiding Champions, a non-for-profit comprehensive mentorship program for immigrants and racialized minorities.

Check out his new eBook, The Ultimate Medical School Roadmap: 13 Steps You Need To Get Accepted To Your Dream Medical School in North America.

You wonder if all your work is going to pay off? Will you get the grades you need to get an interview? Are your volunteer activities up to par? What if you can’t go to rural Lithuania and save dying children from rare and obscure diseases and famine? What if the research lab you worked so hard to get into won’t give you any publications… or worse, not even a reference letter? When do I write my MCAT exam?


This program offers a complete A-Z guide for all the steps needed from high school, through university, and until the medical school interviews

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